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Dravidian Spiritual Movement 

1. The Tamils claim that they belong to the most ancient race of the world.

2. Dr. Ambedgar had remarked that the word ‘Tamizhar’ was mutilated as Dravidian and the people who were living throughout India were Tamils or Dravidians. (Tamizhar - Thramilar - Thramidar-Dravidar - Draavidar).

3.The world could not discover the fame of the Dravidians until the research findings based on the excavations of the Indus Valley was carried out in the middle of the Twentieth century

Tamil Sangam literature was not available to Dr. Caldwell, the author of Comparative Grammar of Dravidian Languages, in the later half of 19th c.A.D. The Sangam Literature was brought to the lime light only after this period.

Sanskrit is of Dravidian 

Sanskrit was never a spoken language of the common people. In as much as a beautiful doll was crafted this language also was artificially crafted. (A child has a natural birth whereas a doll could only be skillfully crafted).
It was termed as ‘Deva Bhasha’ because it was developed by the highly learned, spiritual Dravidian leaders.

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